Friday, September 21, 2007

Week 5 # Thing 11 : Twitter Account

September 21, 2007

Against my better judgement I set up a Twitter account. Against my better judgement because I couldn't see anything there I wanted to be a part of. Truly, who cares about what the majority of these people are posting. Still I did as directed, set up an account and made my own pointless comment, at the same time feeling incredibly guilty, rather like I had been observed littering, because thats what it felt like, I was dropping pointless rubbish for other people.
I see that some Libraries are using Twitter to notify users of new books, answer Ref. questions and for promotions, but I feel I would need to be a lot more comnfortable with it all. I have dread of bombarding people with information they don't want, as I have a dislike of receiving it myself.

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